Sometimes in the middle of the storm your sense of direction may get turned around. A path that once seemed so easy and clear has now become difficult! In all of this confusion our first instincts are to get frustrated and panic. Experience has told me to do the exact opposite! When in that moment slow things down, inhale and ask yourself in the midst of everything “what lesson is to be learned in this very moment?” Wisdom teaches us that experiences are the building blocks of your life. Your choices are how your life is designed! The storms can do two things: Blur your visions or help you focus!
Just a thought!



In the world today so many of us are over consumed with our quest to reach our goals, to get that promotion, to be at the top of whatever field we’re in. How did we get so engrossed with this thought process, and which route is the best to get there and why? I often take a look the decisions I’ve made and make sure I’m making choices that are in line with my character and the goals I have set for myself. In the middle of my self analyzation I quickly understood there were really two basics routes that we have to choose from when want to accomplish something or get “To the Mountaintop!” Those roads are “The Hot Air Balloon Ride?” & “The Mountain Climb?”
At first glance “The Hot Air Balloon Ride” looks like the way to go. It’s mostly a quick rise to the top where you pass a lot of your competition and peers along the way. The quick ride also always comes with a lot of attention! People marvel and are mystified at your ability to fly and maneuver. Sounds really great, right? What about the missed opportunities to make enough key relationships on your way up? What happens if the balloon pops? There is no safety net, and it’s a long hard fall straight down. Make no mistake, I’m not saying these things to say one path is better than the other, I’m not. The interesting thing about the people who make the balloon ride is that the ones that do make it to the top can fail, fall, and fail then often get equal or better jobs with opportunities elsewhere! It is a strange anomaly. Why do always say. “that person didn’t earn it” or “they got there too fast and didn’t pay their dues!” All of this is speculation dipped with a light coating of jealousy. Sure the balloon ride looks easy, but one simple question has to be asked? Which of us know how to fly a hot air balloon? Which There is a certain amount of skill that comes with operating it and flying it clear of hazards and danger! The truth is, many of us are really scared of success. The balloon ride doesn’t appeal some of the masses because most of us are scared of heights. It is easier to stay on the ground with the majority and complain, speculate, and criticize! Interesting parallels is it not?
On the other hand we have climbers and the hikers. The dedicated many who wake up everyday trying to figure out how to break that glass ceiling that seems to be hovering over their happiness and prosperity like a twisted jar lid stopping any light of hope and opportunity from coming in. These are the people who make the climb daily, methodically, working extremely hard to reach the top of the mountain. In walking this journey you may make many relationships, form many alliances, and see every hazard there is known to man because you will have hiked all the landscape up close and personal. The hike gives you plenty of time to reflect and think because the climb is long and hard. If you are not focused, you will stumble and fall. The good thing about climbing the mountain is that once you encounter hazards and have problems, you learn and if you are smart you can go around them the next time ! The climb really gives one an opportunity to pay a lot more attention to detail as opposed to the balloon ride.
In conclusion there are no shortcuts. No matter which route you take it’s a slow process. In writing this article I had conversations with a very diverse group of leaders who are at the top of their respective fields. The one thing that held true in all their responses were people! The most important thread in their success was not just knowing people but the importance of being truly CONNECTED!


Change is a factor that is constant in our lives! Everyday that we awaken it change is evident in everything around us. So the only thing that is a constant in your world is YOU!
We spend almost all of our lives trying to define who we are or who we want to be? The strange thing is with so many things changing around us many of forget about who we truly are inside or who we are trying to be!
We live in a world where selfishness and making yourself the center of attention is rewarded and idolized. Now with the advent of social media, cell phone, and Internet technology people can feed their egos and selfishness by appealing to total strangers for attention in their look-at-me mindset! Even in writing this blog I walk the line of am I doing it to say the truth and how I feel or is there a part of the subliminal me that wants to appeal to the masses like the same people I’m talking about.
Social networking sites have enable so many people to live out the fantasy of who they would like to be as opposed to being proud of who we are! Now if you know how to upload a picture or song you can say that you’re a “model”, you’re a “dj” , you “promoter”, the list is endless! If you actually do those things that’s great! If not then just be yourself!
Our society has gotten to a point now where being someone who works hard and takes care of their family is belittled? Where did we go wrong? We can not blame the net is only a tool, an instrument, a piece of clay in a sculptors hand. We mold the Internet and the things on it into what we want it to be. I look at this phenomenon the same way I view people with money. Money only amplifies who you are inside!
Sometimes we can all take walks just to take a look at new things. We can walk, and walk, and walk, then the next thing you know is you look up and you are really farther than where you intended to be. The Internet can be exactly the same way, but I would say when you think you have gone farther than you think you wanted to go, find your way back home! Find your way back to your starting point, in other words HOME! There is a place in all of us where HOME RESIDES! The person within that good things happen to, the person we feel good about being without any reward!
So when you feel lost, or things have gone too far, keep it simple and just GO HOME!


CONNEXTION – The Movement


With so much negativity on the net where do the positive people go to stay connected? This is the movement to start it all! . A simple idea. Let us connect good people with good people all around the world! This is an open invitation to bring positivity back to life and help the defrost some of the coldness in our world!